Standalone campaign website design to increase brand awareness and drive sales for the entire family of Mezzetta pasta sauces.

User Experience — Design

Let your food do the talking.

I worked with my agency team at Smith Bros. to create a landing page experience for a larger campaign lead by paid and organic media in the form of animated social content and short-form video. As an endpoint for the campaign, the landing page introduces the family of Mezzetta pasta sauces, highlights flavor variety, demonstrates use through recipe inspiration, and provides a quick and easy path to purchase.


The landing page lives independently of the main brand site. To keep the experience simple and focused on campaign goals, I designed the site to be a single page where the product story builds to inspire users to try and ultimately purchase Mezzetta’s sauces.


The design takes full advantage of available space in every section with bold, immersive imagery that creates focal points for the content at-hand.


Even though the site is a single page, a simple navigation tray provides users with a quick way to self-service and jump directly the content that is most relevant to them. This becomes all the more important for the mobile experience where content is optimized for visual impact.

Process Summary

User Experience

I created wireframes for the landing page to supplement and extend the strategic direction of the campaign. The content design of the site would reinforce campaign messaging, inspire users and encourage them to purchase Mezzetta.

Visual Design

I aimed to create a page composition that would reflect the character of the brand’s new label design and tie the elegant simplicity of the campaign creative together all in one visual treatment.


Client — Mezzetta
Role — User Experience, Design
Agency — Smith Bros. Agency
Food Styling — Quelcy Kogel
Photography — Foothold Studios
Retouching — Tom Karcher

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