Eggland's Best

Website design for America’s #1 egg—a fresh look for a familiar brand to engage a new generation of egg customers.

User Experience — Design — Art Direction

Appeal to New Generation of Egg Customers.

Eggland’s Best is a household name, industry-leader and America’s largest producer of eggs. They owe their success to their rigorous approach to quality and commitment to delivering the freshest, best-tasting, most-nutritious egg possible. I worked to design a new website that would appeal to a new generation of egg customers, invigorate brand engagement and reinforce purchase confidence by creating a destination for all things eggs.


The new user experience and design would simplify navigation and provide guided paths to priority content with clear calls to action to related content.


Content and visual design primarily focuses on the product and highlights key benefits.


Page composition pairs bold typography and open, immersive layout with engaging, egg-centric imagery to orient and appeal to user goals.


All pages and components are designed to scale gracefully and organically with screen size through a mobile-first approach.


I directed all new product imagery and key visuals for use throughout the site to maximize the visual impact of the new design.


I created style documentation to catalog the basic visual components of the site and establish consistency across devices and screen sizes.

Process Summary

User Experience and Content Design

I helped to inventory existing content, restructure the site around the strategy direction and identify areas for new content by creating a new sitemap and priority content guide to establish the user experience.

Visual Design and Art Direction

I worked to leverage and extend the brand identity to create a new visual language for the website through typography, photography, color and interactive prototyping.


Client — Eggland’s Best
Role — User Experience, Design, Art Direction
Agency — Smith Bros. Agency
Development — Smith Bros. Agency & Matt Marquis
Photography — Foothold Studios

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